LiDAR-Based Perimeter Security Intrusion Detection (PID) System


A large pharmaceutical company was looking for a new Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) system at one of their new flagship storage facilities. They needed a system that was going to be a reliable and cost-effective intrusion detection solution that could address complex site-specific challenges, such as high winds, high levels of human activity, metal fencing and lack of power and network infrastructure at the edge of the perimeter. The company also required minimal ducting and civils on the perimeters, as well as 100% site coverage with a very low false alarm rate.


In attempting to find a perimeter security technology that worked to meet the customer’s standards, they took a look at what other warehouses were using within the company to compare their security technologies to the system they were looking for. In examining these other systems such as radar and those that were mounted ‘on fence’, they found a multitude of issues. Radar was a poor fit due to the high level of activity between the building and the perimeter, as well as interference caused by the presence of metal fencing and large metal objects. Next, they examined a point-to-point detection system and found that it was not accurate due to the lack of power and network of infrastructure. In looking at ‘on fence’ solutions, they realized it was going to be impossible to implement due to the unacceptably high false alarm rate caused by high winds in the area.

After identifying the security systems that were readily available, the company realized they needed to seek alternative technology that would overcome the issues they faced with these traditional systems.


After an onsite consultation and survey, the company determined that Quanergy’s LiDAR-based QORTEX™ DTC perimeter solution was the best technology fit for their site. Quanergy’s centimeter-level accuracy and resilience to the operating environment met all the qualifications the company was looking for in reducing false alarms and successfully operating in this existing environment, with high traffic and volatile weather conditions.

Quanergy’s M8™ LiDAR and QORTEX DTC perception software were deployed to protect the customer’s 400m perimeter fence line by detecting intruders, pinpointing their exact location and tracking their movement. Security automation was achieved by using Quanergy’s QORTEX technology and the Dahua SD6AL series camera that can be automatically and accurately controlled and remotely monitored. The technology was able to detect real-time intruder information without any sort of human intervention. In addition, QORTEX DTC was fully integrated with the company’s Sure View Systems Immix Monitoring Platform through the Onsite Dahua NVR system, which allowed a mapping function for visualization purposes. This gave security personnel, both on-site and off-premise, the ability to quickly identify the intruder’s real-time location within the facility.

LiDAR perception of protected perimeter

Satellite view of protected perimeter


The Quanergy QORTEX solution delivered the exact performance parameters the company was looking for when sourcing a perimeter security system to implement at their facility. The technology demonstrated several additional competitive advantages beyond the company’s initial guidelines. The system was able to track intruders in the entire coverage area between the fence-line and the building, independent of environmental and lighting conditions, both day and night. Security monitoring was also fully automated by controlling PTZ cameras, tracking objects, and enabling map visualization. Additionally, the amount of operation and maintenance needed was significantly lessened by alarm zone customization and low false alarm rate.