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The powerful and feature-rich MQ-8 3D LiDAR Sensor gets even better

July 22, 2022  |  Sonny Sekhon

To help better serve our customers, we’ve added new enhancements and upgrades to our flagship MQ-8™ Series 3D LiDAR sensor and made it more powerful and easier to deploy, use, and maintain than ever. 

First introduced in May 2020, the MQ-8 Series 3D LiDAR sensor, combined with the powerful QORTEX DTC™ perception software, meets the unique challenges of flow management applications that require accurate detection, tracking and classification of a high-volume of people and vehicles.

A single MQ-8 Series 3D LiDAR sensor offers a 360° coverage range of 140m in diameter (15,000 square meters) and thanks to its unique beam structure, optimized for providing pin-point accuracy, it meets the needs of a wide variety of our customers in the security, smart cities, and smart spaces verticals.

Here’s what our customers already love about the MQ-8

  • The excellent coverage and high accuracy translates to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to camera and radar based systems
  • It is immune to ambient lighting conditions, and maintains high performance even in extremely bright and low light conditions
  • It does not record any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and is a great choice for applications where protecting privacy is a key concern
  • The combined MQ-8 LiDAR sensor and QORTEX DTC™perception software solution is integrated with the leading Video Management Systems (VMS) and IP PTZ cameras allowing our customers to keep leveraging existing investments while augmenting their systems to provide greater than ever situational awareness

Here’s what’s new in the latest version of MQ-8

With the latest release of MQ-8, we’ve taken an extremely powerful and feature-rich sensor and made it even better.

In particular, we’ve significantly improved the maintenance experience by making the MQ-8 easily upgradeable in the field. Now our customers and partners can easily update the firmware on the sensor without the need to physically uninstall/unmount and send it to us for upgrades. This allows our customers to spend less on maintenance/installation and make use of new features/enhancements much sooner and allows us to share updates at a much faster cadence.

This latest release also offers more flexibility in terms of choosing a desired IP network. Previous releases of the MQ-8 only supported IPv4 addressing but now we’ve added support for IPv6 addressing as well

In order to improve “customer peace of mind” we’ve also made several cyber-security improvements to combat the ever-evolving cyber-security threats and minimize our customers’ exposure to key vulnerabilities.

To learn more about the new MQ-8 Series 3D LiDAR sensor, click here.

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