LiDAR solutions from Quanergy provide navigational assistance and enable safety, security, and efficiency at warehouse and logistic management.

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Material Handling & Logistics

Workers unloading raw bulk materials from a docked ship examine the goods manually, which can put workers’ safety at risk and impact operational efficiency. Quanergy’s LiDAR solution has a 360-degree scanning range, a dense point cloud that enables higher resolution, and 3D object visualization. These features allow workers to detect the amount of bulk material and obtain their location, enabling operators to define the safe operation zone, move the grab bucket to the location, infer the number of operation rows, and estimate the grasping times of a single row or layer. With this data, the workers can have a clear, accurate visual display of the operation area for full unloading automation and soft-landing. With LiDAR, all this can be done quickly without potentially endangering workers.


Key Benefits

Wide Range
Resilient to Harsh Weather (IP69K) & Lighting Beam steering dynamic adjusts its movement depending on the environment
Long Range (up to 200m) Create an incredibly dense 3D point cloud with up to 1.3M points per second with 3 returns
High Accuracy High measurement accuracy of 3 cm for a true representation of the surroundings

Automatic storage & retrieval systems (ASRS)

Mounted on the front and back of an industrial tote, LiDAR sensors reliably detect any storage boxes or pallets that are not aligned within the shelf and any obstacles on the floor to provide an efficient storage and retrieval solution, while avoiding collisions that can damage equipment. Quanergy’s 0.033° - 0.132° angular resolution, high point cloud density and wide field of view helps capture details within the surrounding area in real time for an accurate, efficient and safe operation. For example, the sensor can scan shelves for anomalies like broken or protruding pallets that could damage the tote machine. By accurately detecting these problems, LiDAR sensors can help prevent costly equipment damage and lost production time

SLAM Navigation

LiDAR sensors map out the surrounding area to determine where to place pallets, examining any obstacles that need to be avoided. With a long range and high density 3D point cloud, the sensors provide accurate positioning and localization to ensure materials are delivered efficiently to the correct location. LiDAR sensors enable safe, efficient navigation for AGVs and AMRs. Mounted at a higher location on the vehicle, LiDAR sensors provide long range sensing up to 200 meters, advanced 3D perception, and area monitoring to optimize routes and enable mobile equipment to move efficiently throughout the facility.


LiDAR can be used to automate a wide variety of packaging applications--from case packing inspection to package profiling and dimensioning. Unlike traditional optical sensors or machine vision, LiDAR operates reliably in any lighting condition from complete darkness to full sunlight. The wide field of view covers large areas and does not require lens changes, enabling rapid, efficient product changeover. With intuitive programming and a simplified user interface, LiDAR sensors from Quanergy are simple and easy to deploy and manage. In addition, Quanergy's solid state LiDAR sensors with OPA technology are immune to vibration and provide 100,000 hours of mean time between failure (MBTF), ensuring low maintenance and maximum uptime.

Collision Prevention

LiDAR can be mounted at the lower end of AGV and AMRs to reliably detect any obstacles in the vehicle's path, enabling autonomous navigation and collision avoidance. LiDAR sensors from Quanergy provide high accuracies even at long ranges (up to 200 meters), capture high density point clouds, and feature an extremely precise angular resolution of 0.03-0.13º. These features enable advanced situational awareness that ensures reliable object detection for collision avoidance, effectively protecting individuals from harm and equipment from damage.

Perimeter Security / Intrusion Detection

LiDAR-based site security solutions provide greater than 98% accuracy, reduce false alarms, and increase efficiency in responding to threats to industrial facilities. Quanergy's security solutions combine QORTEX™ AI-powered perception software and 3D LiDAR sensors to reliably detect, track, and classify objects for perimeter protection and intrusion detection. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with PTZ (Pan-tilt-zoom) cameras so users can easily view and track the location of an intruder.

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