April 11, 2018

Quanergy to Showcase LiDAR-Enhanced Security Solutions at ISC West 2018

Demos will include integrated solutions powered by technology from Axis, CNL, Genetec and Milestone

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—April 11, 2018—Quanergy Systems Inc., the leading provider of solid state LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, today announced it will showcase innovative new demos that feature Quanergy LiDAR sensors integrated with advanced security technologies from world-class partners at ISC West 2018. The world-renowned security conference will take place April 11-13, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

Quanergy’s booth (#5131) will feature a variety of demos, including integrations with its recently unveiled Qortex software. Qortex, a core, proprietary perception software platform developed by Quanergy, is compatible with Quanergy’s full suite of LiDAR sensors and can be utilized in LiDAR applications across industries. Qortex for Security is a powerful and intelligent 3D perimeter fencing system that enables real-time 3D detection and tracking of human subjects and is ideal for integration with other security system technology. The Qortex for Security integrated solutions that will be demonstrated at ISC West include:

  • Axis Communications PTZ Camera: Qortex for Security will be integrated with an Axis PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera to allow for real-time people detection, tracking, and counting. Quanergy’s Qortex software allows the best-in-class PTZ camera to be set up with inclusion and exclusion zones. The combined data collected from the Axis camera and Quanergy’s M8 LiDAR sensor can detect and classify humans and follow unique subjects within a secure area.


  • CNL: CNL’s innovative Integrated Physical Security Information Management Software will be used in conjunction with Quanergy’s Qortex for Security system to map and analyze the flow of conference attendees in real-time.


  • Genetec and Milestone Video Management Software (VMS): The QORTEX Genetec and Milestone integration combines Quanergy’s QORTEX for Security object tracking software with Milestone and Genetec video management software, respectively. This solution employs Quanergy’s M8 LiDAR sensors to give security systems unprecedented awareness of individual security threats, using perception algorithms to identify and classify objects; track individual people and provide real-time location information; and automatically control PTZ camera movement to follow selected people.

“Quanergy has long been a proponent of LiDAR’s immense potential in the security sector, and partnerships with security industry leaders like Axis, CNL, Genetec and Milestone have allowed us to demonstrate these critical capabilities,” said Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO of Quanergy. “Moving forward, security systems operating at this high level of sensing and perception will be critical for a wide variety of applications, which is why fully integrated systems are the future of advanced security.”

In the past year, Quanergy has made strides in the security sector, partnering with companies such as OptoSafe, Overview Ltd, and Orion Entrance Control, Inc., to enable the most advanced security systems on the market.


About Quanergy Systems, Inc.

Quanergy Systems, Inc. was founded in 2012 and builds on decades of experience of its team in the areas of optics, photonics, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence software and control systems. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Quanergy offers smart sensing solutions. It is a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and perception software for real-time capture and processing of 3D spatial data and object detection, tracking and classification. Its sensors are disruptive in price, performance, reliability, size, weight and power. Its solutions are applicable in numerous sectors including transportation, security, industrial automation, 3D mapping, mining, agriculture, drones, robotics, smart spaces and 3D-aware smart devices for improved safety, efficiency and quality of life.  For more information, visit www.quanergy.com


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