Better Protect Water Utilities

3D Proactive Awareness for Extremely Accurate Threat Intelligence in Real-Time


Clean water is one of the world’s most precious resources – directly impacting public health, environmental stability, and the economy. Physical and cybersecurity attacks on waterworks and wastewater treatment facilities threaten the integrity of municipalities with significant risks and liabilities ranging from contamination to complete loss of system control. As such, the security of water and wastewater utilities is of paramount importance. Historically, cost and performance efficacy have been limiting factors for many public works in the search of effective security solutions. Video security systems are similarly cost prohibitive, restricted in their field of view and subject to frequent false alarms, and guard services are costly and largely ineffective in monitoring large outdoor areas. Quanergy’s leading 3D LiDAR security solution, Q-Track, resolves many if not all of these challenges, providing critical water utilities with hyper-accurate 3D situational awareness to proactively mitigate risk and reduce false alarms.

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Key Features

No PII (Personally Identified Information) Risk

Operates in every lighting condition

Compatible with leading VMS (Video Management System)

Embedded PTZ camera control

Accurate object classification drastically reduces false alarm rate

Real-Time People & Vehicle Tracking for security and analytics applications

Highly Scalable: Detect & classify hundreds of simultaneous objects

Long Range: when paired with M series sensors, it can classify hundreds of objects up to 70m

How LiDAR Works

While conventional video cameras provide 2D views of a perimeter, Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors create a precise 3D image of the entire area with a 360° field of view and at a much longer range. This allows 3D LiDAR systems to pinpoint the exact location of a potential intrusion or operational threat. Threats are then classified using Quanergy’s smart perception software. This enables the 3D LiDAR system to distinguish between people, objects, and vehicles for a precise understanding of the objects moving within a 3D space, virtually eliminating all false alarms. Lastly, 3D proactive awareness is achieved by ingesting this near-perfect accurate data into a Video Management Systems (VMS) so that a real-time alert can be generated. Quanergy integrates with today’s top-market VMS systems to create a fully operational physical security system.