QORTEX People Counter

Enables the development of very accurate and innovative people counting and queue management applications

QORTEX People Counter

QORTEX People Counter is an ideal solution to optimize smart buildings and commercial retail locations. The data produced from the sensors can be used to determine room, floor, or building occupancy and foot traffic patterns for a variety of purposes including energy use optimization and work space utilization. In public locations like airports or stadiums, QORTEX People Counter can be used to optimize resources for cleaning or serving areas with variable utilization like restrooms and restaurants. Furthermore, in retail shopping areas, customer heat maps can be created from foot traffic data to enable marketing in high traffic areas, determine optimal shopping hours, and anticipate staffing needs. The patent-pending QORTEX People Counter platform is built with Quanergy’s proprietary QORTEX perception software and the S3-2 solid state LiDAR sensor. This integrated software/hardware solution incorporates machine learning and 3D perception algorithms to scan the sensor’s field of view, analyze the S3-2 LiDAR point cloud and provide anonymized data on detected persons in real time. Quanergy is the only solid state LiDAR manufacturer to produce an integrated software and hardware platform of this type. In addition, the S3-2 Series LiDAR sensor uses Sensor Fusion™ technology to enable accurate people counting across openings and doors of virtually any width. Delivering industry-leading results, QORTEX People Counter provides 98% accuracy under any lighting conditions—far superior to camera-based systems.

Solid State LiDAR Technology

QORTEX People Counter is built upon the S3-2, the industry’s first 100% CMOS solid state LiDAR sensor which contains no moving or vibrating parts, enabling higher performance, longevity and cost efficiency.

Key Features

High Detection Accuracy: 98%

Real-Time 3D Data

Zero PII (Personally-Identifying Information) Risk

A broad range of traffic patterns supported including tailgating

Easy integration with 3rd party analytics

Edge processing at the sensor

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