QORTEX People Counter

Enables the development of very accurate and innovative people counting and queue management applications

QORTEX People Counter

The patent-pending QORTEX People Counter platform delivers 98% accuracy, far superior to camera-based systems. It is built with Quanergy’s proprietary QORTEX perception software and the S3-2 solid state LiDAR sensor. This integrated software/hardware solution incorporates machine learning and 3D perception algorithms to scan the sensor’s field of view, analyze the S3-2 LiDAR point cloud and provide anonymized data on detected persons in real-time. Quanergy is the only solid state LiDAR manufacturer to produce an integrated software and hardware platform of this type. In addition, the S3-2 Series LiDAR sensor uses SensorFusion™ technology to enable accurate people counting across openings and doors of virtually any width.

Solid State LiDAR Technology

QORTEX People Counter is built upon the S3-2, the industry’s first 100% CMOS solid state LiDAR sensor which contains no moving or vibrating parts, enabling higher performance, longevity and cost efficiency.

Key Features

High Detection Accuracy: Unlike cameras, it provides 98% accuracy under any lighting conditions, unaffected by shadows

Industry Leading Reliability : CMOS solid state sensor provides unique electronic beam steering without any moving parts, thus offering immunity to vibration and over 100,000 hours MTBF, or over 10 years.

Zero PII (Personally-Identifying Information) Risk: Does not require facial recognition technology nor store any Personally Identifiable Information.

Broad range of traffic pattern detection: Various movements can be detected including lingering, single file, side by side, bi-directional, tailgating, etc.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Analytics: The edge processing on the sensor can directly integrate into 3rd party's application without additional processing hardware.

SensorFusion™ Functionality: Accurately fuses data from up to 8 grouped sensors to cover openings and doors of virtually any width.

Superior Performance in any lighting condition: Counting accuracy irrespective of the environmental lighting conditions, up to 80,000 lux.

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