Quanergy and iCent Case Study: Securing Critical National Entry Points with LiDAR Technology in Korea

In South Korea, ports are one of the major points of entry into the country, and security at these ports is critical to protecting the nation from both intrusion and escape. In a recent application, a port in Korea is in the process of upgrading its security systems to the latest innovations and technology advancements. Their existing camera-based systems and traditional intrusion prevention technology no longer provided the necessary awareness to protect critical security facilities.

They needed a more accurate and intelligent solution to reliably identify and respond to potential threats. In addition, the port required a fully automated surveillance solution with a low rate of false alarms that could deliver consistent results regardless of ambient conditions. False alarms were costly because many resources were required to respond unnecessarily to these alerts. Furthermore, the solution needed to integrate effectively with their existing systems.

Port authorities had used several different perimeter security technologies in the challenging outdoor conditions. Their existing solution—a series of optical sensors integrated with PTZ cameras—was vulnerable to environmental conditions like wind, snow, rain, and thrown objects. This vulnerability led to a high number of false alarms, wasting valuable time and resources to respond to nonexistent threats.

In addition, because the optical sensors were installed on the fence and have a fairly limited field of view, they were only able to detect intruders within the fence. This made it difficult to assess situations in real-time—unless an intrusion occurred at or near the fence. Ultimately, the port needed a solution that would give them a more complete picture of possible security threats in any location and any weather condition.

After comparing several options, port authorities selected the LiDAR-based QORTEX DTC™ (Detection, Tracking, Classification) solution from Quanergy. The solution seamlessly integrated with their existing PTZ cameras, ensured reliable real-time threat detection at all critical points, and significantly reduced the rate of false alarms.

Built from Quanergy’s patented M8 Series LiDAR sensors and QORTEX artificial intelligence perception software, the QORTEX DTC™ (Detection, Tracking, and Classification) is a highly intelligent and combined hardware and software platform solution. A total of 45 M8 sensors were installed throughout the facility to continuously monitor the perimeter and detect intruders. When an intrusion is detected, event data is sent to the PTZ camera so users can easily view and track the location of the threat.

The M8 LiDAR sensors provide a complete 360-degree view in any light or weather condition. Meanwhile, the QORTEX software incorporates 3D perception algorithms to detect, track, and classify objects based on the rich point cloud data received from the M8.
Besides, the solution featured an intuitive, easy-to-use AI based application, iSaver from iCent, a system integrator. iSaver interprets the data that QORTEX DTC has detected, tracked, and classified; the interpretation of the collected data is then displayed on an intuitive dashboard for at-a-glance visibility.

Quanergy partnered with iCent to deploy the technology and develop the necessary security solution that best fit the facility’s needs and integrated effectively with their existing PTZ camera systems. At launch, the LiDAR-based surveillance solution delivered greater than 95% accuracy, and, with real-time data analysis, the accuracy will only improve further.

The LiDAR-based security and surveillance solution provided numerous important benefits for the South Korean security facility, including:

1. High Accuracy, Even in Adverse Conditions
LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, offers a superior level of accuracy compared to alternative technologies. The LiDAR solution at the security facility currently boasts 98% accuracy, as the system continues to be fine-tuned to applications based on real-time data. In addition, the M8 sensor maintains its high performance even in extremely bright or low light conditions, and in adverse weather like wind or rain.

2. Low Rate of False Alarms
The intelligence of the QORTEX security solution has significantly reduced the rate of false alarms at the facility, ultimately saving time and costs. By reducing false alarms, the port is no longer spending valuable resources on unnecessary responses. In addition, the low rate of false alarms has provided personnel with confidence in the reliability of the alerts, improving the quality and promptness of their responses.

3. Easy-to-Manage, Fully Automated Solution
The LiDAR-based surveillance solution uses machine learning and 3D perception algorithms to scan the sensor’s field of view, analyze point cloud data, and provide information on detected individuals in real-time. This enables a fully automated security solution that is both cost-effective and easy to manage.

4. Real-Time Tracking and Analysis
With the new solution, security data is available in real-time. The solution automatically tracks individual people and provides real-time location information, enabling security personnel to quickly locate and respond to potential threats.

5. Long-term Return on Investment (ROI)
Thanks to unparalleled levels of accuracy, the LiDAR-based solution will provide long-term value and a positive return on investment (ROI) compared to the port’s previous solution. Throughout the life of the solution, the LiDAR solution from Quanergy will continue to support staff efficiency and keep false alarms to a minimum, saving significant costs year after year.

By implementing the latest LiDAR-based surveillance technology, the South Korean security facility solved several key challenges to accurately identify threats and reduce the instances of false alarms. The success of this application can be replicated across multiple facilities, compounding the benefits over time.

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