See Beyond: 3D LiDAR Security-as-a-Service


Q-Track(™) is a uniquely integrated solution that combines Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software. This integration provides users with hyper-accurate 3D situational awareness, reduces false alarms, and save lives. We’ve raised the bar by setting new benchmarks for event detection, object classification and tracking for physical security and business intelligence applications that see beyond what currently exists, and reaches for what could be and should be the new security technology imperative.

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Key Features

No PII (Personally Identified Information) Risk

Operates in every lighting condition

Compatible with leading VMS (Video Management System) such as Genetec & Milestone

Embedded PTZ camera control

Accurate object classification drastically reduces false alarm rate

Real-Time People & Vehicle Tracking for security and analytics applications

Highly Scalable: Detect & classify hundreds of simultaneous objects

Long Range: when paired with M series sensors, it can classify hundreds of objects up to 70m

Smart city

Cisco/Las Vegas

Continuous Object Tracking with Sensor Fusion

Our sensor fusion technology enables continuous object tracking in large areas, providing a reliable and continuous monitoring solution. Create a mesh network of sensors and servers to continuously track objects over an unlimited range, allowing for flexible and scalable deployments.