Management Team & Board of Directors

The Quanergy executive team is made up of an impressive group of successful leaders, entrepreneurs and inventors who have proven track records. The team brings years of combined experience in the development, commercialization and mass production on a global scale of products requiring specialized skills in photonics, optics, optoelectronics, energy mechatronics, robotics, advanced learning, mico/nanofabrication, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and controls.

Quanergy at its core is a solution company that has helped customers around the world solve complex automation processes, by integrating its high-resolution M-Series LiDAR sensors with Qortex™, its highly accurate perception software. This is a very exciting new chapter for Quanergy, and we are committed to continuing offering the industry’s best price/performance LiDAR solutions in the IoT market.

Enzo Signore CEO