A True Representation of the World

Best Price/Performance in the Industry

M8 Prime™ provides the most accurate representation of the 3D world by generating a high-accuracy, high-resolution and extremely dense point cloud of scanned areas and objects. It allows UAVs to operate at their maximum altitude, accurate raw material volumetric assessment for mining, and fast geometric readout for high throughput inspection.

M8 Prime™ high data density 3D mapping technology is designed to help mapping integrators and operators improve their productivity and generate faster revenue by increasing the mapping accuracy and speed across a variety of applications including urban planning, maintenance of critical infrastructure, land surveying, power line inspection, archeological excavation, and more.

Customers worldwide have chosen Quanergy’s M8 Prime™ as the LIDAR sensor delivering the best price/performance in the mapping industry!

What Customers say about Quanergy's LiDAR

I strongly believe that Quanergy’s product range including the M and S LiDAR sensor series brings a new, high-quality, and innovative LiDAR solution to both the geo-mapping and industrial automation sectors.  We are pleased to have signed this distribution agreement with Quanergy and are confident our customers will see the benefits of the multi-layer that the Quanergy team has developed to support a wide range of applications.  Steve Ansell, Managing Director of Sentek Solutions

Aerial/UAV, Vehicles and Portable Mapping

Key Features

Sensor API : Provides a convenient and easy way to configure M8-Prime™ settings from customer applications.

Industrial Rated M12 Connector: Standardize panel mounted connector for ease of use and installation.

Angular Resolution: Lowest angular resolution, 0.033-0.132° to be able to detect and scan objects with pinpoint accuracy.

Field of View: Horizontal: 360°, Vertical: 20°

Day & Night Vision: Operates in any ambient lighting and weather conditions- sensor maintain high-performance day or night

Point Cloud Density : M8-Prime™ generates a 3D point cloud with over 1M points per second to more accurately identify and detect objects.

Meet the M-Series

Quanergy's 3D LiDAR Mapping

Generating highway, landmarks in 3D point cloud.

Generating incredible details of scanned areas and objects