A True Representation of the World

Best Price/Performance in the Industry

M8™ provides the most accurate representation of the 3D world by generating a high-accuracy, high-resolution and extremely dense point cloud of scanned areas and objects. It allows UAVs to operate at their maximum altitude, accurate raw material volumetric assessment for mining, and fast geometric readout for high throughput inspection.

M8™’s high data density 3D mapping technology is designed to help mapping integrators and operators improve their productivity and generate faster revenue by increasing the mapping accuracy and speed across a variety of applications including urban planning, maintenance of critical infrastructure, land surveying, power line inspection, archeological excavation, and more.

Customers worldwide have chosen Quanergy’s M8™ as the LIDAR sensor delivering the best price/performance in the mapping industry!

What Customers say about Quanergy's LiDAR

Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDAR USA, evaluated the M8™ Ultra and said, "It is the scanner the market has been waiting for. It provides enough range to fly at 400 ft AGL with sufficient accuracy, point density, and resolution to build topographic models for the surveyor and engineer. The bonus is the small size and weight."

Quanergy’s M8™ provided the range and accuracy none could provide said Lewis Graham, President and CTO of GeoCue. “The M8™ gives GeoCue’s True View® system a clear advantage within the industry, and has allowed us to offer our customers the ability to capture incredible detail, from layout to elevation, for their mapping projects.”

Aerial/UAV, Vehicles and Portable Mapping

Key Features

Accuracy: High measurement accuracy of <3cm

Angular Resolution: 0.033º - 0.132º depending on frame rate

Point Density: 3D point cloud with up to 1.3M points per second with 3 returns

Long Range: up to 200m

Certification: IP69K

Warranty: 2 Year

Meet the M-Series

Quanergy's 3D LiDAR Mapping

Generating highway, landmarks in 3D point cloud.

AirSight providing aerial information with Quanergy’s M8™ LiDAR Sensor

Interactive point cloud and elevation maps of the Uxmal Pyramids located in Yucatan, Mexico. Captured with aerial drones from LiDAR USA, using M8™

Terrestrial composition of point cloud of Uxmal Pyramids in Yucatan, Mexico  

Elevation data over Uxmal Pyramid in Yucatan, Mexico  

Terrestrial composition of point cloud of Uxmal Pyramids in Yucatan, Mexico  

Generating incredible details of scanned areas and objects