Smart Spaces & Smart City

Improve the efficiency and safety of citizens and bring efficiency to smart spaces and connected environments

Quanergy’s 3D-powered LiDAR Flow Management platform is aimed at cities seeking to reduce pollution and improve the efficiency and safety of their citizens, and at bringing efficiency to smart spaces and connected environments.

Smart Cities

By accurately and anonymously capturing individual and vehicle movements within dense crowds and across large areas, Quanergy provides its partners, municipalities, and government organizations with powerful data about intersections, roundabouts, roads, highways, parking lots, and toll gates.

The rich object data generated by the QORTEX™ perception software can be used to automate critical processes that increase pedestrian safety by reducing near misses and accidents, reduce pollution by lowering the number of idling vehicles, and reduce commute time by improving traffic flow.

Smart Spaces

QORTEX™ perception software enables the development of very accurate and innovative people counting and queue management applications for retail stores, public transportation centers, stadiums, venues, and more.

Quanergy’s Flow Management platform can be used to automate key business processes to increase revenue and conversion rate, optimize room, floor, or building occupancy, regulate foot traffic, reduce wait time, increase energy efficiency and workspace utilization, and optimize resources for cleaning or serving. Thanks to its unique design, Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors offer industry leading reliability backed by a unique 2-year warranty.

What Customers say about our Smart City & Smart Spaces Solutions

Quanergy was the first LiDAR company to grasp the large and rapidly growing market for indoor motion analytics enabled by high precision, anonymous and 3D LiDAR sensors. Their cutting edge technology and partner-driven spirit have contributed significantly to our success to become the US market leader for the airport and travel community,” said Sam Kamel, CEO of iinside.

Mark O’Reilly, the Head of Innovation for Quantum IT said “The QORTEX™ Access Control is a key part of the design of various solutions, as they provide highly accurate, reliable and scalable technology that fits the needs of our customers.

Solutions we provide for

Key Features

M Series

Large field of view: 360º

Long Object Classification Range: Up to 70m Range

Native Integration with VMS & PTZ Cameras: Include support for Genetec & Milestone video management systems

Accurate Classification: Over 95% classification accuracy of hundred of people & vehicles

Operation: In any light and weather condition

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