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Quanergy is the global leader in 3D sensing and one of the first companies to pioneer 3D LiDAR for commercialization. Quanergy offers a high-performance AI-powered LiDAR platform designed to accelerate the automation of key business processes to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety of our 3D world. By providing actionable insights to organizations across major industries, Quanergy is enabling its partners and their end-users to deploy innovative solutions to drive their business growth and ultimately, improve the quality of life for people around the world.

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Intelligent Solutions for Challenges Around the World

Quanergy’s artificial intelligence-powered, 3D LiDAR-based sensing solutions solve some of the most challenging applications in five primary areas: smart cities and spaces, physical security, mapping, industrial automation, and transportation. We serve more than 30 industry verticals, helping our customers improve safety, efficiency, and performance, while reducing costs.