M1 Edge™

Smart 2D LiDAR Solution

M1 Edge is 2D LiDAR sensor integrated with QORTEX Aware™, Quanergy’s proprietary smart object detection software, and is designed for a wide variety of industrial and security applications without additional programming.

For mobile industrial equipment including AGV or AMR, M1 Edge enables reliable collision avoidance and smart navigation by monitoring the surrounding area, flagging potential dangers and obstacles in the vehicle’s path. The detection zones being monitored can dynamically change based on the vehicle’s movement.

For security application, the M1 Edge solution surveys user-defined detection zones and triggers an alarm on the sensor’s digital output if there is any activity within the zones. Users can create multiple evaluation fields, 8 for M1 Edge and 16 for M1 Edge PoE, each field supports up to 3 or 128 detection zones, respectively. The evaluation field is selected either via the sensor’s digital input for M1 Edge or Ethernet API for M1 Edge and M1 Edge PoE.


Without additional programming, Quanergy’s proprietary smart object detection software automatically collects, analyzes, and interprets LiDAR point cloud data.

M1 Edge™



M1 Edge™



M1 Edge™



M1 Edge™ PoE


100 m

M1 Edge™ PoE


150 m

M1 Edge™ PoE


200 m

Key Features

3 Digital Input & Output: M1 Edge has 3 digital input that can be used to dynamically select one of eight evaluation fields, and 3 digital outputs to alert movement in one of three zones.

Up to 128 Detection Zones per Field: - Up to sixteen evaluation fields, dynamically selectable - Up to 128 configurable detection zones within each evaluation field - Easy and flexible setup and configuration of alert zones.

Range: Detect objects up to 200m at 80% reflectivity, ideal for complex industrial applications such as loading and unloading containers on and off ships.

Angular Resolution: Angular Resolution: With an industry leading angular resolution of 0.033° and 360° coverage, M1 Edge offers up to 7.5x finer resolution than existing industrial sensors, enabling best in class measurement.

Range Accuracy: Less than 3cm

QORTEX Aware™: Embedded Software

Reliability: Over 60,000hrs. (MTBF)

Field of View: Field of View: Horizontal: 360°

Warranty : 2 years

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