Quanergy LiDAR sensors enable accurate high-resolution real-time 3D terrestrial and aerial mapping.


Quanergy LiDAR sensors mounted on terrestrial vehicles build, in real time, precise 3D maps used for localization and navigation in autonomous vehicles. They also detect accurately the elevation values that are essential in constructing roads, buildings and bridges. Quanergy mapping sensors also assist in quickly measuring material extraction from mines and quarries, as well as capturing an accident or crime scene prior to forensic investigation.


Quanergy LiDAR sensors mounted on airborne platforms such as drones collect data to survey the ground elevation precisely in order to map earth-based objects and man-made structures. They can penetrate through vegetation and forests to detect the actual ground surface and micro-topography. The result is a 3D topographical aerial map useful for a variety of applications that include the management of forests, the measurement of coastline erosion, geological faults, sand dune height and glacier volume, and the planning of urban centers, airports, land use and utilities corridors.