September 19, 2023

Quanergy Showcases the Power of 3D LiDAR Security for Retail Security at the 2023 LPRC Impact Conference

Industry Proven Solutions Provide Hyper-Accurate Object Detection and Tracking to Help Reduce Shrinkage in Today’s Challenging Retail Environments

Gainesville, FL – October 2, 2023 – Quanergy Solutions, Inc. is showcasing how its innovative Q-Track™ 3D LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) solution can help retailers combat theft and criminal activity here at the 2023 LPRC Impact Conference in booth #505. A seamlessly integrated solution that combines Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with its advanced perception software, Q-Track delivers real-time object detection, classification and tracking for enhanced loss prevention and security.

“With our attendance at the LPRC conference, we are effectively introducing 3D LiDAR to an industry that has historically relied on traditional, reactive security methods to protect their inventory, personnel and assets,” said Enzo Signore, CEO, Quanergy. “We want to show retailers that there is a transformative alternative available today. Our Q-Track 3D LiDAR solution not only fortifies perimeter security, it also empowers retailers to proactively mitigate shrinkage, elevate the customer experience, and stay one step ahead of rising crime and emerging challenges impacting today’s retail industry.”

Quanergy’s leading 3D LiDAR solutions offer an array of capabilities for retailers and businesses determined to enhance their loss prevention strategies. This includes:

Precise Object Detection: Quanergy provides unmatched accuracy in detecting and tracking objects as small as a pen to cm level accuracy. With this heightened level of awareness, retailers can proactively identify and address potential instances of theft and loss in real-time.

Comprehensive Intrusion Detection: With Q-Track, retailers can pinpoint the exact location of a potential intrusion while tracking the direction and speed at which an intruder is moving to enable continuous tracking over the entire perimeter.  Each Q-Track sensor further provides an impressive coverage area of 165,000 square feet (15,000 square meters), ensuring high accuracy and low total cost of ownership.

Privacy-Assured Operation: Unlike traditional video surveillance systems, Q-Track does not capture any personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring the privacy of both customers and employees.

Beyond loss prevention, Quanergy’s Flow Management platform can also be used to automate key retail processes to increase revenue by optimizing room, floor, or building occupancy, regulate foot traffic, reduce wait times, increase energy efficiency and workspace utilization, and optimize existing resources.

For more information, please visit or visit us at booth #505 at the 2023 LPRC Impact Conference.


About Quanergy

Quanergy is redefining physical security with real-time 3-D LiDAR solutions. Based in Silicon Valley, Quanergy’s revolutionary Security as a Service delivers intelligent proactive awareness for highly dynamic environments like critical infrastructure, smart cities, smart spaces, and industrial automation. Quanergy’s mission is to ensure you see beyond current sensing limitations and experience the power of 3-D security designed for a 3-D world. For more information, please visit us at


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