Mid-to-Long Range 3D LiDAR Sensor Series

M8-Prime LiDAR Sensors

Designed for Industrial and Mapping applications, M8-Prime™ provides industry-leading pinpoint accuracy of 0.033-0.132° and captures up to 2x more data with 1.3M points per second with three returns. Built upon the superior 3D scanning technology of previous models, M8-Prime™, 3D LiDAR sensor series enables customers to add its sensor API code into their software program to interface instead of the webserver.

Key Features

Sensor API: Provides a convenient and easy way to configure M8-Prime™ settings from customer applications.

Industrial Rated M12 Connector: Standardize panel mounted connector for ease of use and installation.

Angular Resolution: Lowest angular resolution, 0.033-0.132° to be able to detect and scan objects with pinpoint accuracy.

Field of View: Horizontal: 360°, Vertical: 20°

Day & Night Vision: Operates in any ambient lighting and weather conditions- sensor maintain high-performance day or night

Point Cloud Density: M8-Prime™ generates a 3D point cloud with over 1M points per second to more accurately identify and detect objects.

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