QORTEX Access Control

Provides the unmatched accuracy and reliability necessary to ward off potential tailgaters attempting to enter critical facilities

QORTEX Access Control

The QORTEX Access Control™ solution ensures that only authorized personnel enters secure areas in governmental buildings, commercial buildings, data centers, and other restricted areas that require a high level of accuracy and a low rate of false alarms. QORTEX Access Control is an ideal solution to intelligently control access to secure areas. The solution is compact, easy-to-install, and reliable for the most demanding security applications. Quanergy is the only solid-state LiDAR manufacturer to produce an integrated software and hardware platform of this kind.

Solid State LiDAR Technology

QORTEX Access Control is built upon the S3-2, the industry’s first 100% CMOS solid state LiDAR sensor which contains no moving or vibrating parts, enabling higher performance, longevity and cost efficiency.

Key Features

High Detection Accuracy: 98%

Real-Time 3D Data

Edge processing at the sensor

A broad range of traffic patterns supported including tailgating

100% True Solid State Technology provides high reliability with no moving or vibrating parts

Easy integration

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