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Case Study - Social Media Giant Space Occupancy and Utilization

September 06, 2023  | 


A social media giant wanted to gather occupancy related insights and thus improve space utilization across their campuses, including conference rooms, cafeterias and other general purpose areas. Legacy solutions that they were using were not accurate and more importantly, compromised the privacy of their employees.

Quanergy Solution

A solution that combines Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software, Q-track, was deployed over a very diverse environment consisting of large and small rooms including a number of occlusions of various sizes (tables, chairs, cabinets, columns, pillars, etc.). The sensors provided ample coverage and filtered all the noise thanks to Q-Track’s unique ability to combat occlusions via a new object stitching mechanism that allows the system to track a person if they temporarily disappear behind a column.


Quanergy’s solution resulted in hyper accurate detection, tracking and classification of employees all without compromising any privacy or capturing any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Other solutions failed to provide the desired level of accuracy due to complexity of the campus environment (cameras offer a low people counting accuracy while costing more square foot and they don’t work well in areas with a lot of obstacles).

Solution Overview

Quanergy’s LiDAR-based portfolio is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for various smart space customers. Due to its ability to accurately detect, track and classify objects, Quanergy’s solutions bring the operators’ attention to what really matters most and ignore the noise. After deploying Quanergy’s solutions, smart space customers can ensure a positive employee experience. Inefficient space utilization can result in a lot of wasted resources and negatively impact the employee experience. Employees would like to know when the office is expected to be overcrowded or abandoned and Quanergy can help with that.

Facility managers for these smart spaces can gain insights on patterns/trends thanks to Quanergy’s solutions and use that information to shape the environment so that it is an efficient and comfortable space for the employees.

Quanergy’s solutions offers a much lower cost per square foot compared to other solutions such as cameras, video analytics, etc. Quanergy’s solutions also allow customers to keep leveraging existing investments by augmenting their camera-based PID systems, enabling them to locate with unprecedented level accuracy the exact location of a potential intruder. Quanergy’s solution addresses all major smart space/occupancy metrics use cases as well as mission-critical security use cases through the following core competencies:

  • 3D Real-time Proactive Awareness: Comprehensive 360° view of your surroundings for proactive decision-making.
  • Privacy-Assured Operation: Q-Track does not capture any personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring privacy compliance and safeguarding sensitive data.
  • Wide Coverage with High Accuracy: Each Q-Track sensor provides an impressive coverage area of 165,000 square feet (15,000 square meters), ensuring high accuracy in object detection, tracking, and classification of people, vehicles, and sub-vehicles.
  • Low Cost Per Square Foot: Each sensor can classify objects at 420 feet/140 meters, therefore dramatically reducing the number of sensors, cables, networking ports and installation runs to deliver industry leading total cost of ownership.
  • Drastic Reduction of False Alarms: Reduce costly false alarms by greater than 95% thanks to Q-Track’s innovative features such as occlusion filter & motion threshold filter.
  • Simultaneous Tracking of 600 Objects: With Q-Track, you can track up to 600 unique objects simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of your environment.
  • Continuous Object Tracking with Sensor Fusion: Our sensor fusion technology enables continuous object tracking in virtually unlimited areas, providing a reliable and continuous monitoring solution.
  • Unlimited Range with Mesh Network: Create a mesh network of sensors and servers to continuously track objects over an unlimited range, allowing for flexible and scalable deployments.
  • Speed, Direction, and Geolocation Detection: Q-Track can accurately detect the speed, direction, and geolocation of objects, enabling you to respond promptly to potential threats.
  • Reliable Performance in Harsh Environments: Q-Track is designed to operate reliably in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring continuous surveillance without compromise.
  • NDAA Compliance: Our solution is fully compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems: Q-Track seamlessly enhances existing security systems through a large ecosystem of integrations with VMSes, cameras, access control solutions, PSIMs, and analytics solutions.
  • Buying Flexibility: Budget this advanced solution as a capital expense (CAPEX) or an operating expense (OPEX) via the Security as a Service subscription.

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