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Case Study - Palm Beach, Florida Draw Bridge Pedestrian Security

June 20, 2023  |  SonnySekhon


Palm Beach County was concerned regarding pedestrian safety on its movable bridges. The primary objective was to ensure absolute precision in accident prevention and to avoid engaging bridge tenders in situations where pedestrians were still present on the bridge. This issue proved to be highly challenging due to numerous obstacles, uneven topography, and restricted visibility. Regrettably, past incidents, including fatalities, had occurred as a consequence.

Quanergy Solution

Quanergy offered a comprehensive solution that involved the utilization of MQ-8 3D LiDAR sensors in conjunction with the QORTEX perception software. This deployment successfully addressed the intricate aspects of the environment, characterized by a multitude of obstructions and inconsistent lighting conditions. Through the implementation of these cutting-edge technologies, Quanergy achieved remarkable levels of accuracy in detecting and tracking individuals across all areas, notably on the movable bridge. Consequently, the potential for life-threatening accidents was effectively mitigated. 


Among the various solutions considered, only Quanergy’s approach accomplished a flawless detection rate of 100% in identifying pedestrians on the bridges. Other solutions fell short due to the substantial challenges posed by occlusions, limited field of view, and unfavorable lighting conditions.

Solution Overview

Quanergy’s LiDAR-based portfolio is rapidly becoming the security solution of choice for critical infrastructure sites with over 100 sites already deployed including large municipalities. Due to its ability to combat alarm fatigue by dramatically reducing costly false alarms, Quanergy’s solutions bring the operators’ attention to what really matters most by focusing on real threats and providing actionable insights with hyper accuracy. After deploying Quanergy’s solutions, which results in an extremely accurate detection and tracking of objects, smart city/municipality customers get a robust and hyper-accurate perimeter intrusion detection (PID) system which ensures that no urgent alarms are missed, thus avoiding bad outcomes such as injuries or even fatalities. This is true even when dealing with uneven terrain, a large number of obstacles/occlusion, or uneven/bad lighting conditions.

Quanergy’s solutions allow customers to keep leveraging existing investments by augmenting their camera-based PID systems, enabling them to locate with unprecedented level accuracy the exact location of a potential intruder. Quanergy’s solution addresses all major mission-critical security use cases including perimeter intrusion detection, server rack and cabinet security, mobile security towers, man trap/vestibule access controls, and rooftop security through the following core competencies:

  • Only provider of seamlessly integrated 3D LiDAR sensors and software solutions
  • Products for all use cases, be it detecting really small objects or continuously tracking objects throughout a large perimeter
  • Over 95% reduction in false alarms
  • 95% object (people or vehicle) detection, tracking and classification accuracy
  • 360° 3D coverage and up to 15,000 square meters of coverage per single sensor
  • No privacy concerns or recording of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Ability to create a mesh network of sensors/servers and continuously track an object as they move across the entire site, virtually for an unlimited range 
  • Broad integrations ecosystem with over 30 integrations with leading VMSes such as Genetec, Milestone, Flir, Hanwha, Network Optics, Surveil, and Mirasys and ONVIF based camera vendors such as Flir, Axis, Bosch, Hanwha and other solutions such as PSIMs and Analytics platforms, etc

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