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The Time is Right for 3D LiDAR

August 22, 2023  |  Enzo Signore

The state of physical security technology has been evolving at such a rapid pace over the past few years. Yet conventional systems still fail to meet many of the longstanding challenges that keep security professionals up at night. Even with the recent wave of intelligent analytics and control platforms, conventional video systems still lack the inherent ability to proactively and autonomously detect, classify and track multiple objects in real time. This, in effect, has far-reaching impact on every aspect of security operations including dependency on manual processes, the high cost and inefficiency of guard services and the predominantly reactive characteristics of expensive system deployments.

The practical application of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology for mainstream physical security applications changes all that.

LiDAR technology has long proven to be highly effective for highly specialized applications in agriculture, archeology, robotics, spaceflight… and most recently for use in autonomous vehicles. At Quanergy Solutions, we’re charting a new course for physical security system performance with intelligent 3D LiDAR solutions that see beyond… the limitations of conventional 2D video imaging and analytics; the increasing frequency of new personal privacy mandates; and the high cost and inefficiencies of conventional security technologies and guards.

Our unique 3D LiDAR solution combines long-range sensors with advanced perception software to autonomously detect events, classify people and objects, and continuously track them over large areas – even when obscured by obstacles and in total darkness. The ability to deliver extremely accurate data in real-time empowers countless security and business intelligence applications – all while eliminating costly false alarms and personnel alarm fatigue, so security professionals can best focus on real threats and events of interest.

Additionally, Quanergy is making it easy for security professionals to see beyond the constraints of traditional sales models with the industry’s first 3D LiDAR Security as a Service (SaaS) model for its revolutionary 3D LiDAR solutions. This yearly subscription option offers enhanced financial flexibility, allowing users to budget 3D LiDAR as an operating expense (OPEX) versus a capital expense (CAPEX). The SaaS OPEX model provides more organizations with the opportunity to derive greater ROI from their security budgets and foster scalability for their business.

We see this as a new beginning for Quanergy Solutions and invite you to share in our vision to help create a safer and more secure world.


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